Monday, August 08, 2005

New Dawn Lighting

The world turns and another blogger peaks his head out over the horizon.

I've finally arrived. Been meaning to leap into the blogosphere, but usually settling into the comfort of laptop play calling. Now I'm ready to play laptop quarterback and through some passes into the wind. Maybe you're the receiver who's been waving his or hands for me to toss the ball to you.

I love to write, read and follow what's going on in the world. It is my desire to share the light of my thoughts on things political, cultural, spiritual and personal and hopefully find a meaningful polylogue of ideas and thoughts. My moniker, the Broadlighter, comes from my business, Broadlight Enterprises, Inc. I named it to be a catch-all for any enterprise I might endeavor. The same is with this blogsite. Anything from my mind and heart goes.

I have opinions and will not hold them back. You will know my loves and hates, where I stand and where I fall. Correct me where I fail to speak the truth, but be truthful. I may not be the one who corrects you. I'm well aware the self-correcting nature of the blogosphere.

Glad to be here in the game. Let's kick this thing off!