Monday, May 07, 2007

Ron Paul at the Debate

Republican Presidential candidate, Ron Paul participated in a debate at the Ronald Reagan Library on May 3, 2007. He was one of 10 contenders including frontrunners Rudy Giuliani and John McCain.

Here's the video clip of Ron Paul's answers to the debate questions:

Ron Paul, in my opinion, is the most trustworthy of all of the Presidential candidates I have seen so far. He is a strict Constitutionalist, who really advocates less government, lower taxes - including inflation and a cessation of meddling in the affairs of other nations. Democrats and liberals should be happy about his stances on the Iraq war. They won't be happy on his stances on abortion and embryonic stem-cell research. However, he is not an activist on these issues and believes they should be worked out by the states and in the marketplace.

For more information about Ron Paul's campaign, go to .

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