Friday, May 30, 2008

Before They Added the Cowbell

Blue Oyster Cult guitarist Buck Dharma gets inspiration from his wife Sandy that leads to recording his and the band's biggest hit single "Don't Fear the Reaper." You know, that song Will Ferrell and Christoper Walken immortalized on Saturday Night Live when they added 'more cowbell'?

Watch and enjoy:

The song should be re-titled as "Don't Fear the Reaper, Gotta Have More Cowbell and Don't Lose the Mustache."

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Anonymous Douglas Abrams said...

Dear Broadlighter,

Sorry to post a personal message, but I didn't see a way to email you on the blog. I wanted to thank you so much for the great comment you left at the Lost Blog of Don Juan--so glad you liked the book. Love to be in touch to tell you about another reading/event and just to reach out. Would you email me at Great to know another body surfer who lives in Santa Cruz even if it is chillier than Redondo Beach



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