Thursday, November 10, 2005

Some Thoughts About Islamic Terror

I wrote this response to someone on a Yahoo Discussion board regarding the bombings in Amman, Jordan. Apparently there are a number of people who believe that the War on Terror is something that was manufactured by corporate and government conspirators to keep common folk in a state of fear.

Here's my response:

If you think this is a corporate, oligarchic conspiracy, that's your business.

That's only a small part of the equation.These dweebs from the Middle East have been brewing this hatred for Western Civ. long before Bush and 9/11. The basis of their ideology goes way back before the beginnings of their own religion. There is very real intellectual capital invested in Islamic Terror. For them not to fight this war would serve to undermine what millions in their world believe about the west and their relationship to it. It's about frames of reference and their place in the world. They feel very threatened by the entreprenuerial freedoms we enjoy in the West.

The truth is, these guys believe very strongly in their cause. They back up their words with action and the perceived benefits they believe coming to them, exist in another world. Money is a means to an end for them, not the end in itself. If they can't do with money, they'll use sticks and stones, anything they can get their hands on to further their aims.

The benefits are not always about money.Now you can laugh at me, but I just told you the truth.


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