Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Obama Is Done!!

Today, Barack Obama announced his plan for Universal Health Care Coverage. I am adamantly opposed to Universal Health Care because it places our health care at the mercy of politics.

Anyone who practices or uses alternative health care should note that this is a major advancement toward removing your livelihood and your choices.

Here's the beginning of the article:

Obama offers universal health care plan
By MIKE GLOVER, Associated Press Writer

IOWA CITY, Iowa - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama (news, bio, voting record) on Tuesday offered a sweeping health care plan that would provide every citizen a means for coverage and calls on government, businesses and consumers to share the costs of the program.

Obama said his plan could save the average consumer $2,500 a year and bring health care to all. Campaign aides estimated the cost of the program at $50 billion to $65 billion a year, financed largely by eliminating tax cuts for the wealthy that are scheduled to expire. President Bush wants to make those cuts permanent.

Here's the link to the whole article: Obama Health Plan.


The plan proposes to reduce health insurance premiums for those already insured. It also increases taxes to help cover the costs of the program.

A doctor friend of mine made a suggestion that makes much more sense. His plan would be to reform the health insurance industry so that they would only offer major medical coverage. That means catastrophic care and hospitalization. All of the other costs such as exams, lab testing, therapies and prescriptions should be determined by market forces, ie... make doctors, specialists and drug companies compete for the business and bring their costs into line with what people can afford on their own.

I don't want bureaucrats, who don't know me, have any say over how I attend to my health needs. You shouldn't either. This is another reason why we need Dr. Ron Paul in the White House. Dr. Paul understands, not just the taxation implications of socialized medicine, he understands the assault on our personal freedoms plans like this pose.

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