Tuesday, June 24, 2008

McPainful Episode at the Texas GOP Conventions

Professional electioneering begets more and more of itself. Alan Stang from News with Views details the sordid proceedings of the Neuces County and Texas state GOP Conventions. I think this paragraph sums it pretty well:

"A word should be said about the convention mentality. It appears to be a species of hypocrisy so intense, so total, that it metastasizes into brainwashing. It is a bizarre combination of politics and show business, a procession of dignitaries with perfect hair and choreography, speaking through mechanically pasted Senator McNasty smiles, thundering that the main problem in the country is the Democrats. For instance, on the dais in Houston, Newtie Gingrich favors wall to wall drilling for oil. Elsewhere, he is an Al Gore carbon “footprint” environmentalist. Asking about the discrepancy means you are disloyal."

Read the whole thing here.

If this sort of thing is happening all over the country, and I've heard of like stories in Missouri, Alaska and Nevada, then perhaps Obama wins this election by a landslide. Either that or McCain wins narrowly, with a little help from the electronic voting machine vendors.

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